Player name: Glovenator

Player rank: Builder

Location name: Scary

The Hills of Scary were located near the northern border of the Eastfarthing. The village of Scary was at the southern foot of these hills. There were caves and tunnels called the Brockenbores in the Hills of Scary as well as a quarry.
During the War of the Ring, stores of food, beer, and goods were kept in the old quarries by the Chief’s Men, and after the Scouring of the Shire these goods were used by the Hobbits to celebrate the Yule holiday. The Brockenbores in the Hills of Scary were also the hiding place of a band of rebel Hobbits led by Fatty Bolger during the war.

Overhead plan:

Very much Subject to Change.
Just a general layout of buildings. Certain ones will be houses, certain ones will be for stoneworkers, traders, etc.

You can find this concept on Plotworld.

All layouts and concept work is subject to change. Please point out any lore necessities i missed. And i will take any suggestions/requests under consideration.