Rhûn Inspiration and Concepts

This was the last one left of these kind of threads, I think.

So… Thread for Rhûn inspiration, post anything on here that you think will help with the building of Rhûn, be it building, farms, terrain or whatever it is!

So I was thinking the North of Rhûn could be more of slavic inspiration while the South would be more like Central Asian … Just a suggestion of course.


Furthest east our map reaches is just past the Sea of Rhun. As far as people in Rhun I don’t think we’ll have anything beyond Dorwinion and Wainraiders?

Balcoth maybe?

From Unfinished Tales
"They were no doubt related to the Wainriders."

They’re all just various forms of the same nomadic tribes it seems. Considering the date the server is set they would probably have a presence in the Northeast, as I assume they were part of the armies that attacked Dale during the War of the Ring. But beyond them I don’t think we have much in Rhun unless we were to extend the map.

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Isnt it our purpose to recreate arda? I think east of rhun is also part of arda, right?

I think the purpose is first to recreate the Middle-earth map from the LOTR books, and after that (ie not so soon), undetermmined. But I think more people would want to build Beleriand before the full Middle-earth.

Otherwise, I think a couple of cities around the Sea of Rhûn would make sense, as seas always attracted populations. Plus it could be used for trade with Dalians and Dorwinians.

The Orocarni are probably on the map in the LotR too, but not drawn.

True, would be awesome to make a first age version of beleriand cuz if You think about arda You also imagine beleriand, maybe we have to be creative if we want to make the far east, when we get there lol

That is exactly what I mean by “the LOTR map”: the portion of Middle-earth that is actually drawn XD ! The Orocarni are farther East.

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If we are going to make beleriand we also have to make helcaraxe which leads to valinor, which will be a pain to make

Nah the cities of the Stiffbeards, Ironfists, Blacklocks and Stonefeet were as far away from Gundabad as Belegost and Nogrod. And if you look on the map, you see that is right about on the right edge of the map.

Hmm ye, makes sense, what about palisor?

Herm, no …

Palisor is the forest/region before the orocarni, in Your theory it cant exist

maybe we should make a new thread for this discussion


There is a book in waterstones I’m buying soon. It shows the sea of rhûn as a salt plain. The vicious winds have evaporated the water along the west and east shores creating a ragged cliff face. The island seen in tolkeins maps has been stated in this book as “a jagged outcrop of rock, suspended in air as the vicious winds eat away at the island’s mantle”. Maybe ill post pictures when I get the book