Really impressed, but a little lost.

Hello all.
I’m new here, signed up yesterday and joined the server for a couple of hours to take a look around. Wow!
I’m a life long Tolkien student, I had read The Hobbit, and some of Lord of the Rings, while the author was still with us and my stepfather once interviewed the man in himself. So I suspect I’m a good deal older than most of you here.
I first played Minecraft about 2 months ago, and 1st joined an online game server last night, this one…
So I have a few, probably very silly, questions about the basic mechanics of the server (servers in general), using the mods on Minecraft, etc. Which I would really appreciate some guidance with if anyone has a few minutes? I have no doubts about jumping straight in with your discussions here on Tolkien lore. However, I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to apply the mods, as a single player, in a creative world, so as I can get used to them and see if I can create a sample building or landscape that comes up to your standards… Or am I missing something and overcomplicating it?
Ultimately, I would like to assist this project creatively, as it strikes me as just the sort of inspired creativity that Tolkien himself wanted his fans to undertake.
So please bear with me until I can catch up, then I’ll see what I can do to help. advance.


Hello @Ovekanegra, and welcome to ArdaCraft!

We have a plot world where you can claim a small area of land and create a sample building. You can access it by typing /warp plots on our server and then typing /plot auto to claim your area. We need to see you build one current style on your plot. These styles can be found at /warp howtobuild.

When you are ready, apply on this forum at Builder - ArdaCraft Forums.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you join our Discord server and read the #info channel - it answers a lot of FAQs!


Thank you Fornad.
I joined the Discord last night also. However, I’m new to that medium too! Until last night, “discord” meant, to me, something that you did in music to grab people’s attention… :rofl:
I’ll go and read the info channel now…
The advice on where I can sandbox on the server is exactly what I needed. :grin:


Welcome to ArdaCraft! If you do have questions after reading the info channel on discord, feel free to ask away!