Reading The Silmarillion

I’m about halfway through the book as of now, and I’m really enjoying it. But I’m just kind of confused at all of the elven races, could someone explain the differences between them all?

This is from the henneth annun website which I reccomend if you haven’t seen it already.

Vanyar - the Fair Elves, the beloved of Manwë and Varda; led by Ingwë
Noldor - the Deep Elves, friends of Aulë; led by Finwë
Teleri - the Sea Elves; led by Elwë and Olwë

Calaquendi - Elves of Light, those who passed into the West in the days of the Trees
Úmanyar - those who never came to the Aman and the Blessed Realm; they are elves who were lost during the journey or who turned aside
Moriquendi - Elves of the Darkness; the Úmanyar and Avari

Of the Teleri, there were:
Sindar - the Grey-Elves, the Elves of Twilight; led by Elwë and Melian
Nandor - “those who turned back”, from among Olwë’s host, they turned aside from the journey westward, led by Lenwë
Eglath - the Forsaken People, those of Elwë’s people who searched for him (as he stood enchanted after meeting Melian) and were left behind when Ulmo and Olwë would not wait
Falathrim - the Elves of the Fala, who were persuaded by Ossë to remain in Middle-earth when Ulmo took the remaining Teleri to Valinor; led by Cirdan

Of the Nandor:
Laiquendi - the Green-Elves, who “kept themselves by wariness and secrecy” after the death of Denethor, son of Lenwë
Silvan - Wood(land) Elves, those who never passed west but remained along the Anduin and in Greenwood.

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Thanks, that was a great help :3

Not sure what edition you have, but there’s a chart in the back of mine explaining everything Ori just posted. Kind of like a family tree for elves. There should also be a ton of other references for family lines and such in the back of the book.

There is an index at the back of mine, but it’s huge, and kind of hard to navigate. I was more concerned about the different elf races.

This should be in the back of the book

Personally i find that easier to navigate than a text doc/wiki.


No, I don’t have that version
Unfortunately ><_><

I just finished reading the Silmarillion yesterday and I have to agree, the Elven names can get a bit much at times, especially the many starting with F. What helped me the most was a map in the book showing the many Elven Kingdoms.

This isn’t about the races, but its similar in a way. Thought I should put this here.

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Just finished the book :3
But now I’m confused as to how the Hobbits came to be, maybe I just missed it idk. Are they just descendents of men who have grown smaller over time, or just a completely different species?

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They are presumed to be a branch of the Men.

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Ty ;3