Question about Dwarven Settlements in the East

I have a few questions about Dwarven Settlements in the East, besides the obvious ones like Moria and Erebor. In the Blue Mountains there are a few large settlements, and then there are small settlements, and even smaller mines scattered all over the place. My question is will it be the same in the Misty Mountains, Grey Mountains, and Iron Hills? I also have another question, are there any Dwarven Settlements in the White Mountains and Ash Mountains?

  1. All the dwarven settlements/mines in the Misties and Greys, as far as we know, were abandoned. However they will absolutely be represented.

  2. Not that we know of. The White Mountains certainly weren’t populated by Dwarves until Gimli settled Aglarond, and if there were any Dwarves in the Ash Mountains, they would have been allies of Sauron - though I doubt he’d be comfortable with them occupying one of his borders. I think it’s more likely we’d see ‘evil’ Dwarves living in the Orocarni (off the map) or in the hills near the Sea of Rhûn.


Thanks for the quick response! I didn’t expect the Misties to be abandoned but it makes sense since they are a dying race, and I definitely agree with there being no Dwarves in the Ash Mountains, however; what of the Iron foots in the Iron Hills?

Iron Hills are mostly up for interpretation afaik, but they should be fairly well settled. There will be a Dalic Town very close to them as well.

Gundabad was originally a Dwarvish settlement wasn’t it? Would be interesting to see some remnants of Dwarvish architecture that’s been defiled by the occupying Orcs; similar to Moria I guess. As for Smaller Settlements and Mines, what we could do is basically re purpose them as Orc settlements? They wouldn’t exactly be beautifully maintained, but Orcs are rather opportunistic and probably would inhabit and expand the abandoned mines.


Well Gundabad was were Durin awoke but that was about I think 11.000 years ago. Afterwards it was a city of Angmar and when Angmar fell, it was the capital of the Orcs of the Misties. Also, the Grey Mountains were inhabited in the Hobbit. Thorin says he hopes the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains in the west and east will help hin, but mostly the Dwarves of the Iron Hills. But ye, in the LotR on the other hand, many Dwarves travel westwards for a great terror in the East.