Preparing for 1.8 & Beyond

We are getting very close to being able to update to 1.8, and 1.9 in the future, and to do so we are going to need to prepare a few things. You can follow any developments to the blocksmod and any other development related items here:

@dags has created a program to automagicly change metadata blocks, so mostly everything below is now redundent.

The following types of blocks must be marked for replacement in [this document]
(if not, the server will unavoidably replace them with air blocks):

Blocks with Extended Metadata

  • Minecraft 1.8+ does not support blocks with metadata values beyond what is available in the vanilla game - example: stone with a metadata value of 10 (1:10) would be turned into air when the map is updated.
  • In terms of metadatas, dags has given a resourcepack that can find metadatas that can be downloaded HERE. There is also a wiki on using it HERE

Anything BiblioCraft

  • The plan is to remove the bibliocraft mod entirely, instead replicating its features through 1.8’s models, and by adding support for paintings to the blocksmod.
  • We could create a system where, for example, the chair block for bibliocraft could be replaced with purple wool, so we know what to replace when we update to 1.8. We can work out something below.

Common Questions:
What are we going to update to?
It supports a lot of nice features and is less buggy than the (now dead) Cauldron that we are currently using. Sponge is also built from the ground up with mods in mind.
What metadatas need to be replaced?
Anything that has a metadata and is not in the base game needs to be replaced. For example if you have the metadata resourcepack on and see that a grass block is highlighted and has a metadata, it will need to be replaced. That goes the same with any modblock that is being highlighted.
How will these blocks be replaced?
Dags has managed to use some of WorldPainter’s code to quickly replace all blocks that need to be replaced. He still needs a list of blocks to replace though!