Poppelman's goodbye

Hey all,

I will be leaving ardacraft and probably won’t come back. This has nothing to do with anyone on the server or the server in general. It’s just my life that’s holding me back from being able to spend time on the server. As im about to enter my final exams for school and will go on holiday for 2 moths after that I wont be able to spend much time on the server or even not at all. Thats why i decided to retire as a builder. As my journey to adulthood continues my jears in high school will end wich means i’m moving to Amsterdam to continue my study. moving to Amsterdam means I will be leaving my parents home. I dont see myself being able to come back to this server to help out during my study as im probably to busy whit studying or getting drunk.

I origanly planned to come back and finish lossoth1. This project is now in the hands of @Chevy_the_cat and i wish him the best of luck working on this project. Since im not the leader of lossoth1 anymore I decided that there is no reason for me to come back to the server.

I enjoyed my time on this server. From the moment I joined till the last time I was online. You are all great builders who are working on a fantastic project and im happy that i could help for what it was worthed.

Goodbye, good luck building and a happy newyear to all



Good luck with the Dutch.


Good luck Poppelman!!


Thank you for all your help, and have fun at uni!

If any of you ever pass through Bag End, tea is at four. There’s plenty of it. You are welcome any time. Don’t bother knocking!