Pls help guys

i havent played minecraft in 2 years but now that i saw this server and i wanted to join so i did everyth it says so i can play but when i try to join in the server it says Mod Rejections [FMLMod:conquest{0.0.1}]

Are you using our mod pack? Look at our FAQ


ive used the ardacrat launcher and laucnhed all 4 of the downloads what is a FAQ ?

Could you take a screenshot of your menu screen before you try to log in to our server? We should be able to tell if your mod is functioning correctly that way. this is the menu and this is the error

The ac launcher comes with forge-1.10.2- not the forge-1.10.2- shown in your screenshot.

If you’re installing manually you need to add the ConquestReforged mod to your mods folder.
See the this page for instructions for both options:

For further assistance please start a new support thread and fill in as much information in the template as possible. Go here and press ‘new topic’:

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