Plots Server

Updates to the plots server will be posted here. Any feedback, bugs, or issues can also be reported here.


/warp plots - gets you to the plots world
/help plot - gives you a list of commands


Guests may only claim one plot at a time to start with.
Once an Overseer has used the /plot approve command on that plot, the restriction will be removed for that Guest.


Builds from the old plot area over the ocean can be transferred to the new plots world by posting a request below.

Please first claim a new plot in the plots world and make note of the plot id (example 7:-1) in your request.

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My Forlond palace at /home guan. Glov’s Gondor concept nearby the plots warp.

How big is a plot btw? Since my palace was planned to take about 6 ocean plots.

It’s currently set to 75x75 blocks. The only way to get different dimensions is to generate a new world.

A plain ol’ flatworld might be better suited for larger stuff - something for you guys to discuss in the next meeting maybe? I’m sure there are pros and cons to work out.

Wouldn’t it be possible to enable plot owners to combine their plots into bigger ones if they’re next to eachother?

Teleportation away from the plots and back to a player breaks the ownership mechanics; so I can do /warp Mithlond or /tp Kemce and then /tp back to King in the plots map and be able to build anywhere I like, claimed or unclaimed.

What’s the advantage of the plot world over the plots on the map? Obviously guests can build which is nice. But are there any advantages for Builders? And are we going to transfer all the plots on the map to plotworld and remove the rest?

It’s infinite (so we don’t need to worry about moving the plots further south to stop them from covering the Crissaegrim), and makes the main world map look neater.

You can also teleport to various plots with ease according to their number, alias (if set) or owner, which is a lot easier than the current system (setting a home/warp or flying about trying to find something in particular).

We are eventually going to remove the current plots from over the ocean, yes (once all the necessary builds have been transferred). This won’t happen for a month or more, though.

P.S. You’re supposed to be on holiday, enjoy the Highlands some more!

@Guan no, that’s not possible

@Hearthseeker may be a symptom of bigger problem, I’ll need to talk to fresh
Sort-of fixed it, although there does seem to be some weird issue with teleporting that I haven’t pinned down yet.
If the issue occurs again, you probably won’t be able to build anywhere in plots (which is a little better than being able to grief). If that happens, changing worlds then returning to plots should reload your plot data and allow you to build normally again

Is combining plots a feature you guys could create later? If we’re migrating completely to this plotworld it would be nice to have the ability to create larger plots so we can create/import larger builds/terrain.

The plots plugin has been updated on the main server:

General Changes:

  • all plot aliases have been cleared, due to:
  • plot aliases can now be accessed by anyone, not just the owner of the plot. Like a warp, aliases must be unique in the world
  • users that have been whitelisted on a plot can be viewed with /plot whitelist
  • fixed a major performance bug when resetting plots
  • fixed a couple of protection issues
  • re-wrote the database/storage system which should improve performance, reliability, and scalability

New Feature: ‘Like’ System

Users can now ‘like’ plots. Likes are shown in the text that is displayed when entering plots, using /plot info, and when listing plots with /plot list etc.

  • /plot like - ‘like’ the current plot
  • /plot unlike - remove your like from the current plot
  • /plot likes - list the plots that you have liked
  • /plot likes <player> - list the plots liked by the given player
  • /plot likers - list the users who have liked the current plot
  • /plot top - list the top 10 most liked plots
  • /plot top <1-100> - list the top <#> most liked plots

I would like to make a suggestion since this just came up on the server.

Can we allow guests to have two or three plots to claim because there are some who go big in their first project, just to realize, they either want to add another styled build or have to build the stuff requested in their application. Just lookuing at the dynmap one can already spot three candidates where this happened already or will happen, AonSmith, Philiquaz and Kjartanthefirst. I think allowing them two or three plots will both allow the guest a greater area to show off their building skill will simultaneously still limit spammers to not just go around and claim all plots and never come back.


Going off this. Since Freebuild is a Builders only world, and most likely where Builders can (and maybe should) put most of their stuff, plots definitely has room for guests to have multiple plots. Especially if it’s an infinite gen world right?

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The limit is there to prevent claim spamming, off-topic builds, and generally to help maintain a standard of build. If a plot isn’t suitable for an application then abandoning it for a fresh one just leaves a bad build in the world.

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