So since Soluna returned to us I have checked with him and he’d be willing to DM for a pathfinder campaign! Pathfinder is essentially Dungeons and Dragons.

In order to have a good idea of what the campaign can be like we need a rough number of who would be interested in joining, what sort of campaign you’d like (consistent world, singular main quest, something like that) and an idea of what times people can do. It’s most likely that you’ll need a mic for this as it makes it very hard to do without ease of communication.

If you’re interested post and we’ll do some planning!

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I’d be interested. Would I keep the same character as last time? I’m not sure if I still have my Char Sheet.

I’m not great at the game but ill give it a wirl

Think we’ll go for a fresh start

Maybe explain what pathfinder is?

Basically Dungeons and Dragons

and what is dungeons and dragons?

It’s a tabletop role playing game with the main mechanism being dice, though in our case it’ll be done online either via minecraft or via