Overseer Application: Yannig00: ACCEPTED

Player name: Yannig00

Timezone: UTC+1 (CET) (UTC+2 during summer)

When did you join?: July 2017

Which projects have you led?: Tharbad, Casthenid and several Arnorian and Numenorean forts in Cardolan.

Why do you want to apply for Overseer? What do you hope to achieve in your tenure?: I believe that I could prove usefull as an overseer by shortening the delay of response of the overseers by being able to answer within 48h on the forum and on discord. I do not wish to give myself any objective yet as I don’t really know for how long I will be overseer if I am being elected. I might lead other big projects after Tharbad Like the second half of Cardolan maybe. Kiryll approached me to lead Cair Andros together eventually once Anorien is open.

What skills will you bring to the overseer team?: In all honesty, I do not know. All I can think of right now is ponctuality in every task and demand that you will have for me. This may not be much, it is certainly not revolutionary but I believe that consistency is a good basis for a more efficient overall workflow.

Are you willing to enlist as a mentor for new apprentices?: I am. I already give lenghthy comments on every application that has a Tharbad ruin and am ready to go further to help the apprentices getting to builder.

On a finishing note: I would like to say that it is true that you do not see me regularly connected on the server or on discord but this is because I only like to come when I have something to do or someone to help. I don’t really like to come for anything other than strolling around and I’m not the most talkative type of guy usually :wink: . I like to do what I have to do and not being distracted. That being said, I always keep an eye on the dynmap, the server, discord and the website even though I may appear offline and I am always availabe to answer some questions. So if you had any concern about my presence, do not worry I am always there lurking in the shadows.


Hey Yann - happy to say that we’ve consulted the community and Overseers and you’ve been accepted!