Overseer Application: Sunwing34: ACCEPTED

Player name: Sunwing34

Timezone: GMT

Which projects have you led?: Turfaham, Celondyr, Stock, Brandy Hall, Great Smials, Michel Delving lockholes, South Farthing (Longbottom, Sackville, Pincup, homesteads), EFV2

Why do you want to apply for Overseer? What do you hope to achieve in your tenure?: I’m passionate about the server, and am looking forward to seeing the changes discussed elsewhere implemented. I want to help implement them, mainly through helping guests become apprentices, builders, and eventually builder+. I feel I know enough now to be able to show prospective builders how things work, where things are, and teaching them how to build in our current styles, and I pick up new styles quickly due to the sheer amount of building I do. I know that sounds boastful, but a frickin’ third of Edoras. A frickin’ third! I’m also going to be heavily involved in helping nail the various designs in Moria, whether Guan agrees or not, because that was one of the main reasons I joined in the first place. Beyond that, I’m not really tech-savvy, but I would gladly help out on the community outreach and media stuff if I can.

What skills will you bring to the overseer team?: I’m hard working, determined, you know I’ll be active to oversee things I’m running, and I banter well with most of the team. I’ll give an honest opinion about someone’s work, if it’s part of my project, or if they ask for my advice.

Are you willing to enlist as a mentor for new apprentices?: Already doing this, really, there’s plenty of Apprentice’s who have worked and are working on my projects, and beyond that I’ve been encouraging and helping builders to do their own projects to shift them to B+.



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