Overseer Application: Hearthseeker: ACCEPTED

Player name: Hearthseeker

Timezone: EST/GMT -5

Which projects have you led?: South Mithlond, Annuminas, Fornost, Shire Revamp(Hobbiton, Bag End, Bywater, Waymeet, Marish, Brandy Hall(lol, Sunwing))

Why do you want to apply for Overseer? What do you hope to achieve in your tenure?: I’ve long coveted–I mean–have been asked a few times if I’d ever want to be Overseer, as I have a love for this server that’s been apparent over the years. I’m quite often hoping to see changes play out that benefit the project and help it last. I have been running our Instagram quite successfully for 2 years and as Overseer, I’ll continue to develop the media team into a well oiled machine while making sure our progress on the map continues. My goals are to help this server in any way I can to grow.

What skills will you bring to the overseer team?: As with the Shire revamp, I bring a deep reverence for the lore and getting all the details right. I have a good grasp on how our server runs in my past 7 years of membership. I have experience with failure as well, able to provide some insight into how a project can stall. Relevant Skills: Can hold breath for 2 minutes underwater or AFK for 72 hours.

Are you willing to enlist as a mentor for new apprentices?: Absolutely! I am already doing my best to teach road gradients and have mentored across several build styles already. My goal with learning anything is also to know it well enough to teach others.