Overseer Application: fruittuitella: ACCEPTED

Player name: fruittuitella

Timezone: CET

Which projects have you led?: WOC 3&4, Àrd Phuing and Dunland (and the Argonath boat race but that doesn’t count)

Why do you want to apply for Overseer? What do you hope to achieve in your tenure?: I think it’ll give me the opportunity to help the server out even more than I can now. I’ll mainly focus on ‘leading’ the events team and streaming/making videos for the media team. Next to that I’m also part of the team which will World-Paint the new vegetation eventually. In the future, I might lead another big project but I don’t have a clear vision on which project would need me and if I have enough time to spend on it next to the event/media stuff, if I do however, I could see myself doing something in Gondor. Lastly, I would definitely not mind helping take care of server administration etc.

What skills will you bring to the overseer team?: I think I’m pretty good at motivating people to work on projects, not only by motivating the project leads to continue leading, but also by motivating regular builders to claim a plot or boost a specific project.

Are you willing to enlist as a mentor for new apprentices?: Definitely, I told Eag already I’d want to enlist as a mentor, and I’ve done this unofficially in the past as well with a few (ex-)apprentices, e.g. Spanky and laalaa