Overseer Application: Argent: ACCEPTED

Player name: Argent0_

Timezone: UTC-7 (MST)

When did you join?: November 26 2020

Which projects have you led?:

Yeah, this is a fun answer; EF Homestead 13 - took 2 months and Olaf ended up doing 80% of it anyway. True overseer material.
I am however currently leading the 1.15 Tree Grid, and prepping to do the vegetation map for Gondor. A distinct lack of projects in my years time mostly falls to a long application time and my activity pretty much being entirely relegated to the 1.15 server concepting for Gondor.

Why do you want to apply for Overseer? What do you hope to achieve in your tenure?:

There are 3 main points here.

  1. 1.15 Training
    Having spent most of my time involved with AC working with the new version, I am quite familiar with how the process will work both for making necessary adjustments to current builds and concepting for the future. I hope to use this to help transition the server and its builders when that time comes, and especially look forward to helping builders new to AC and Conquest.

  2. The Landscaping Role
    I foresee a need for an increase in the activity of the Landscaper role as we transition into a world of new trees, plugins, and the upcoming map. Even though it is quite pointless to work on the main map as of right now (as a landscaper), I believe there is plenty to do for the role. I see possibilities of 1.15 FB projects, either directly or indirectly related to on-map locations, and a significant expansion to the number of Landscapers we have, through encouraging/outlining projects for our current builders/apprentices and direct outreach into the conquest community where applicable. Ardacraft is known for its beautiful and realistic nature, and I hope to continue this in the larger scale of the new map areas with a larger and more organized team.

  3. Prophecy

What skills will you bring to the overseer team?:
I am quite active, even when I’m not in game. I consistently respond and help guests on both the discord and on the server when needed, and have a relatively good understanding of the history and processes of the server for only being around for a year. Additionally, an NA Overseer can’t hurt, especially when it comes to being active for those hours our Euro friends are sleeping. I also have a pretty good eye for screenshots and photo edits, which I often help the media team with.

Are you willing to enlist as a mentor for new apprentices?:

I am! My time on the main server is currently pretty limited, but I keep up pretty well with in game chat on discord so I should be able to assist when summoned. I have also already acted as a mentor when the current Overseers had an overload of applications this year.


As I need an inside man to the overseer team to spy on them for me. I also vote for argent.


hawks luigi
jk seems fine to me