Orc Builds

What Orc or Goblin Builds do we have? Any being planned?

I suppose that our first actual orcish builds are going to be in either Moria or Goblin Town.


There is a FB section for mordor. Not that many builds there atm. Guess we arent focussing on orcs yet

In the misties there will be a few settlements

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What parts are you building right now? What area of middle earth

Northern eriador and lindon

Had totally forgotten Goblin Town was a thing. That can become a project pretty soon once the rest of the Misties are added. However, if whoever applies for it tries to make giant caves like in the Hobbit movie… then mark me. I will find you, and i will kill you and your family.
Or I won’t, idk.


Sorry to kill your dreams, but Goblin Town will mostly be off the northern edge of the map section.

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