Northern Cardolan fort 4

Player name(s) : TheCaptainPanda_

Player rank : Builder

Private or Public : Private and public

Location name : ncf4

Timeframe : 1 month

Lore : nothing specific, but we can assume that the fortress was a decent size because its at the northern border of Cardolan.


reference image


Need to fill in all the questions from the template, especially the layout one if you’re wanting to apply for a project. Also, unless Yannig has already accepted it, you need to put ‘Project Application’ after the title, so that we know it’s not been approved to go ahead yet.


Yannig told me to post a application on the forum and after that he copied the area to fb so i could plan it out, so the layout is on its way.


Alright, might have been some confusion there then, we usually post the application after everything is done, so the layout as well, but no worries, it’s your first one after all.

You can start to work on it but I need to mention that this fort was built by the Numenoreans by the end of the Second Age to protect one of the first settlements of the faithfuls in Eriador before the downfall of Numenor and quickly joined the Kingdom of Arnor at its foundation. The inhabitants of Andrath left for other towns and cities of the new kingdom and the fort got abandoned.


Fort is done, well done Panda!