No launcher to be found

how did you install the mod pack?: launcher
have you installed Java 8?: yes
when does the problem happen?: In the computer
logs/crash-report: -
I installed the mod pack yesterday and played it for a while, because of the auto start after the installation. Today I were about to start and play again, but could not seem to find the launcher to launch the game. I searched around in the folder where all the files were installed, with no success. There is neither a shortcut for the mod on the desktop.

My question is, where is the launcher for the mod pack/game, have I missed it or have I just been looking in the wrong hen house?


It’s probably in your downloads folder still.

The launcher will install the game files to a set folder, but the launcher.exe (or .jar) itself will remain and run from wherever you leave it.

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Simple as that, thank you very much, dags!

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