New rank - Landscaper

Have you ever wanted to help us create the vast and varied terrain of Middle-earth, but don’t know where to start?

We have just introduced a new rank, Landscaper, aimed at training players to become skilled terrain artists.

Players apply for the Landscaper rank just as they currently apply for the Builder rank. We now have a separate section in the Applications forum for this -

For their portfolio, you are asked to build three small ‘scenes’ on your plot. Each should be of a certain natural feature of your own choice - a waterfall, a beach, a cave, a salt marsh, etc. Along with pictures of each, you are asked to write a small paragraph on each feature, highlighting the research you did to make it realistic. Even with documents to help, landscape creation on AC always involves some level of research, and it is important that any Landscaper is capable of looking up information for themselves.

If successful, you will be promoted to the Landscaper rank. At this point, you will be given an area of the map to work in. The kind of work you will do is essentially detailed in this document (though it’s not an exhaustive list):

This achieves two things:

  • Proves your dedication to the server
  • Makes natural areas of the map more detailed and interesting to explore

Once complete, you will then be promoted to Landscaper+ and move on to larger projects which require WorldEdit/Voxel. @wheellee will give you a crash course in VoxelSniper and WorldEdit at /warp fbvoxel. The sorts of projects available to you are outlined in this document:

If you are already a Builder/Builder+ and wish to become a Landscaper, this is more than possible. You will be granted a [B] tag once you become a Landscaper to show that you have successfully applied for both.

This is a new rank, and as such it is subject to change. Feedback is encouraged!