Names for the Dwarven Settlements

Shamukh to everyone ! :smiley:

Being a great fan of the dwarven builds in Southern Ered Luin, I’m a bit sick at heart to see them just called “mine1”, mine2", etc. I know it’s just temporary, but you know… they deserve better, and now! :grin:

So I decided to make this post, so we can discuss about names to give them.

Let’s go!

First of all : Khuzdul (the secret language of the Dwarves)… There is not many things to say, coz’ Tolkien left it pretty limited.
But thanks to extraordinary linguists and amateurs, we have a lot of cool stuff that helps us understand what Khuzdul would look like if Tolkien had the time to finnish it. Like for Sindarin, it is known as Neo-Khuzdul.

I don’t know what you think of it (I would be glad to know), but as far as I worked over with it, I think it is really high-quality and close to Tolkien’s vision. So I use it for my propositions. I use this site in particular, made by some cool guy that called The Dwarrow Scholar :
It’s by far the most extanded and respectful version of Khuzdul that I have seen. It is mainly based on David Salo’s work for LoTRO.

Also, because I’m not a specialist of Neo-Khuzdul, I could make mistakes or not use the best terms, etc. So - unless there is a real Dwarf among us (or someone better qualified) - I propose to send to this guy our final names propositions, so he can give us feedback, and corrections.

So, my propositions :slight_smile:
They will not be assigned to a mine in particular. Just some cool names I found that could fit to current settlements.

  • Thafar-Damith : “Grey-Hall”

    Damith is an alternative to dum (hall, mansion). It means “newer hall”.

  • Khalath-Giri : “Blue-Shelter”

    In fact khalath means “sky-blue”. You can use khagal instead, but I think it sounds better, and it’s a bit more poetic (who said that Dwarves cannot make poetry?!!)

  • Bizar-Filatîn : “Valley of Refuges”

    This one could be a good name for mine1, coz’ it’s a pretty nice looking valley with a pretty big mine atop of it.

  • Hurdûslukh : “Agony of the Dragon”

    It is made with hurdu (agony) and uslukh (dragon). An allusion of Smaug, obviously.

  • Arganzulum : “Pride of the West”

    We can give this name to a very important settlement. From argân (pride) and zulum (western).

I dont have more proposition for now.
Feel free to leave comments, critics and propositions! :blush:



@Guan if you want to consult with Maelan and pick names I’d be fine with it.

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@Maelan21 We’d love a few more for some smaller mines!


Ill post some here for the mines that are left, I dont have all yet but ill edit it when I have them :slight_smile:
MineA- Drukul-Azâhar= Fair homes because several families live together (kind of mansion)
MineB- Adjân-Lazhar= Last hope since much dwarves left from the east to the last hope (the blue mountains)
MineC- Lazhâr-Alâ= Last refuge, both the reason for mineB but also because Arvedui dwelt there.
MineD- Arganzulum= Pride of the west since its after thorins halls the largest mine in the north, (thanks maelan)
MineE- Athuk-Atkâtu= Silentmine since its abandoned.
Mine4- Narâ-Athuk= New mine, because it was recently opened by the dwarves.

I based this on the dwarrowscholar and I have changed the words a bit for the grammar, Hope you like it :slight_smile:
If the project leaders would give there opinion, would be cool :wink::stuck_out_tongue: