Moria Inspiration and Concepts


I’ve opened up a section of the Freebuild world for building concepts for Moria. The layout is nearing completion, before being revised that is, and I thought it would be nice to get a jump start on building some things for the upcoming project. Not all blocks are created yet that could be used, so if you think of anything that needs to be made, that would be great as well.

/warp fbmoriaconcepts

Layout (current): /warp fbmoria




I think our version needs a lil rework…


Voxel works are planned


Honestly the movie one is pretty spot-on, if you ignore the weird bridge thing they did (they originally intended it to be like the bridge of the old elven road from Moria to Ost-In-Edhil, but it’s just weirdly placed and northern winding path has that same purpose in the books (which we also don’t really have right now, at least not properly, due to the terrain).