Mordor Inspiration and Concepts





Just click the image and it’ll auto rotate, it’s Minas Morgul again.


Would love for Orcs to live in similar pulmice/rhyolitic rock cave dwellings along in Mordor, but I know that Mt. Doom being a giant cone volcano means it would probably be an Andesite structure. Thoughts?




As you will likely be aware of, many servers build ruins by building an intact version first and then erode the structure in a way the elements would have. I have first seen this at WesterosCraft’s Harrenhall a few years ago but I wouldn’t be surprised if they got the idea from somewhere else. What do you think of applying this organic building style to Minas Morghul? As in building it as a sprawling Gondorian city first, then apply erosion for the ~400 years of decline after the Great Plague of 1636 and the 2 year siege. And then update it by repairing and extending it orc-style.


We’ll more likely build it like we did Forlond, if it’s meant to be fully ruined, we won’t bother with building it up first. Minas Morgul is probably not even that ruined, it’s just turned evil afaik.



beautiful :heart_eyes:


possible for Sauron to build this?