Mordor Inspiration and Concepts

Thread for inspiration and concepts for Mordor, post anything that you think would help in our building of Mordor when we get there.

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Rannoch Moor. Maybe an idea for Nurn?

Too far north, but I see what you mean with the barren-ness. Maybe something more like the Central Asian steppe?

Barad Dur concept on DeviantArt

Edit: tbqh, I don’t know what use a Nazgul perch would be, it would be for their fel beasts of the air, but not for the Nazgul themselves…



Does tolkien actually describe lava flows running past it?

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I haven’t found any written sources that there would be lava-flows nearby the fortress and/or the plateau of gorgoroth.
But since the surrounding is very cracked and the fortress also contains some sort of deep mines it could be possible to have some kind of Gaps where you could see some deep lava-lakes (also because of the “closeness”(?) to Orodruin.

Ah alright cool. Thanks for doing some searching

“He did not know it, but he was looking at Sauron’s Road from Barad-dûr to the Sammath Naur, the Chambers of Fire. Out from the Dark Tower’s huge western gate it came over a deep abyss by a vast bridge of iron, and then passing into the plain it ran for a league between two smoking chasms, and so reached a long sloping causeway that led up on to the Mountain’s eastern side. Thence, turning and encircling all its wide girth from south to north, it climbed at last, high in the upper cone, but still far from the reeking summit, to a dark entrance that gazed back east straight to the Window of the Eye in Sauron’s shadow-mantled fortress. Often blocked or destroyed by the tumults of the Mountain’s furnaces, always that road was repaired and cleaned again by the labours of countless orcs…”

I think Peter Jackson and their visuals/art team took liberties to make these chasms and the ‘deep abyss’ into lava filled moats. I’m sure dark abysses of unimaginable terrors are more interesting than lava moats though. Example being Utumno

An updated version of my old Minas Morgul picture (did this a while back, just forgot to post publicly)


I don’t know how you build this, but having hiked through old lava fields in the Pacific Northwest I can attest that they are jagged, rough and unfriendly.


Lava tubes are an interesting idea that could be explored.


we can use something like this, at least without the snow. ( McKenzie Pass- inactive volcano)


you could do stone walls with a different biome on them

i can imagine that being the dead marshes, though there is to much foliage

There technically cant be lava flowing past, due to the fact that the place is not hot, and it could cool before it makes it that far. Also, as in the movie, Barad- dur is close to Orodruin, but still about a mile and a half. So, in good reason, I think the lava may had been exaggerated by the movie:

Also: To further prove my point, the amount of ash in the air would cool it down, though there is no possibility of snow in the area

as in the movie, Barad- dur is close to Orodruin, but still about a mile and a half

Actually, it’s more like 35-40 miles (56-64km). The longest recent flow in Hawai’i was erupted from Mauna Loa in 1859. It is about 51 kilometers long from the vent to the ocean (we don’t know how much longer it went out under water, but probably not too much farther). There is a lava flow at Undara in Queensland, Australia is 100 miles (160 km) long. Of course these are exceptions, not the rule, but it’s not completely infeasible.

Also that height comparison image has absolutely no basis in the lore whatsoever.


well… IDK

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I might make a PE server thats based on lotr, but it will have the John Smith texture pack, cause im to lazy to get a good pack.


Well, a much seen problem is that people have the picture that the movie gave from mordor. Mike a land full of lava and an ever erupting vulcano. I dont remember reading anything about that in the books. Another example is that people who have only seen the movie would bever believen there could be lakes in mordor, however the books doesn’t say anything about it

what kind of lakes? Cause if its water, there is the sea of Nurnen, but if its lava, I’m still not sure, though there wouldent be that much lava above ground, other than the visable lava lakes under the plateau of Gorgoroth.
But in Mordor’s case, half the place was held together by Saurons magic through the ring, so anything is possible.