Missing Blocks = really ugly builds

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When I open a saved game I get the message, “Forge Mod Loader detected missing blocks/items. There are 24 missing blocks and items in this save. If you continue, the missing blocks/items will get removed. A world backup will be automatically created in your saves directory.”

Option “no” of course sends me back to the main menu. Option “yes” opens the game but of course my build is jacked because of the missing blocks.

I did a backup, reinstalled the launcher, then tried opening the builds in the newly installed version. I did not get the error message, but when the game opened, the blocks were missing.

Of course the “missing” blocks appear when I log on to the server, but that’s to be expected, but my pretty little private worlds are very not pretty with giant holes and ugly replacement blocks. :frowning:

I’m not uber techie, but in a pinch I can delve into the nitty gritty. Please tell me there’s an easy solution though. :slight_smile:


Had the some problem when i built something with the modpack and updated up. When i got back to that world, they were removed. It’s possible that blocks were re-named in the modpack or maybe it’s something else completely.
I don’t know whether this can be fixed or not though.

Unfortunately our modpack isn’t really designed with SP worlds in mind. I’m not sure if @dags or @Freshmilkymilk can elaborate on this.

Single-player is essentially just ‘private server mode’. Handling of world saves, custom blocks etc is basically the same as it is for dedicated servers.

Missing/jumbled blocks can occur in a number of situations, but none are caused directly by the acblocks mod.
Forge can be quite delicate when it comes to making modifications to the world save, so updates usually have to be done in a specific set of steps to avoid it (forge) throwing a wobbly. With the launcher, everything just gets updated at once so the next time you open a world save bad things can happen.

To list a few possible cases:

  1. If a 1.7.10 acblocks world is opened on the 1.8.9 client (we have a map converter that must be run on the world first)
  2. If a world is opened that previously had other dimensions disabled but now has them enabled (this is a forge issue)
  3. If a world is opened that has been downloaded from a server (again, a forge or world-downloader mod issue)
  4. If a world was originally created whilst using a really old version of forge, and then forge is updated at the same time that new blocks are added to the block-packs (forge issue)

Most recently, Fresh and I had ran into case number 2 when we introduced the Plots world on the server. Thankfully we were able to re-trace our steps and figure out how to keep forge happy when enabling extra worlds.

If you want to upload your backup world in a zip file somewhere, I could take a look at it for you and see if I can get it working nicely on the latest modpack version. Obviously, if you used blocks that are now removed from the blockpacks for whatever reason, then you’ll still have air blocks where they previously existed.