Minecraft won't load


what operating system are you using?: windows
how did you install the modpack? ArdaCraft Launcher
have you installed Java 8?: yes
when does the problem happen?: _during launch
logs/crash-report: For some reason it won’t upload, but it’s basically a load of textures loading with a couple of errors
For some reason the game just stops loading at 7/7 on “Loading - Completing Minecraft Initialization”


Put the crash report on pastebin.


I couldn’t fit the whole thing on, that’s like 1/20th of it.


Your game is running out of memory (ram) during the loading process.
2GB (2048 MB) is roughly the minimum you want to be using with the launcher, you’re currently set to 1698MB.

You can change the amount under the launcher’s options menu.

If you do not have any more ram in your pc to allocate to minecraft, you could try install only Forge, ConquestReforged, and Optifine on the Mojang launcher to save on the memory requirements.