Minecon Live and MCME

Hello Ardacraft,

With Minecon 2019 coming up there is a Minecon Live Panel.
(Link will be attached herewith)


At Minecraft Middle Earth we are thinking about doing it. With our similarities and immersing players in to the works of Tolkien. I think we can have a temporary co-operation for the Minecon Live Panel Event.

If you want to comment please add onto my post so I can send it on or send it on the mcmiddleearth.com site.

  • DrUltimator

Please send your thoughts

It would be up to beathaven to decide. I guess it could be cool, but what exact purpose does it have for us? Also please have a bit of patience, most of us on ArdaCraft have busy lives especially around this time of the year.

The kind of people that watch Minecon tend to be the kind of people we send to your server. It’s a gracious offer but I’m afraid it’s not really something we’d want to damage our dignity with, besides the fact that we’d probably not benefit from it at all. In the unlikely event that you do find someone who wants to build Tolkien’s Middle Earth though, you know where to send them :wink: xxx