Minas Tirith Planning

Project Title: Minas Tirith and the Pelennor Fields

Player name(s): wheellee, eag_inc

Player rank: Builder +

Preliminary thread for the start of Minas Tirith. With the map being officially uploaded, we’d like to open a formal thread pertaining to the planning, layouts, and conceptualization of the city.

Everyone is welcome to participate in leaving feedback and ideas. We only ask that you do this in the form of comment-blocks around the city itself. We don’t want buildings and concepts scattered around and flying everywhere, so if you want to concept something then we ask that you build it outside of the MT map section. Perhaps leave coordinates on your comments in the city if you’d like to share. Posting your ideas in the form of screenshots or discussions in this thread would also be great and is heavily encouraged.

The main MT thread will be posted as soon as we’ve reached sufficient planning etc in the first level, at which point building will officially commence.