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Mearhdenu has been completed. We stuck with @hoppingharry’s lore for the village and you can read that in the project application. Nik and I would like to thank @Guan for creating a solid layout to work off of, @Liquar and @philippetora for cranking out a good amount of the houses, @_Robz for doing a lot of tedious details, @Lindalher for the big help on the coppice forest, @Ahorn and @Fornad for the inspection, and @Poppelman112 and @Dreasp for their contributions. If I left you out please let me know.

Some of the special features of the village include:

  • A large 25 horse stable/compound/training area
  • Unique longhouse
  • The tavern/inn with a realistic micro-brewery

Please come explore when you get a chance.

~C-heavy and Nik Nik