Making more of Arda

Ok I would like to start off by saying that I adore the hard work and creativity that has gone into making this server look fabulous, and I respect every single builder for all the hard work they have put into making this server.
I believe that this server should have a “adventure” type aspect to it - and this is for many reasons. Firstly, I believe that this would intruige people onto this server seeing as it has a “purpose” and a beautiful map (which is very rare together). Also, it would encourage non-builders to stay here as it has an aspect to it that would make them want to carry on their journey through the server.
Another thing I wanted to say was that not only would it bring people here, but it would give the server a “purpose” almost, to make the beautiful art gallery into something more interactive. An example of this could be as simple as asigning houses to people just to give them something to play for, or making a larger scale quest-type thing on the server which would really get people to want to achieve on this server.
That brings me onto my next point, which is actually to do with the building. The builds on this server are incredible, and many are not seen by normal players. Having an adventure side to it would bring out completely random yet beautiful places people would not normally stumble apon by themselves, giving some builds a new light.

This was only an idea, and I know that it would take alot of time and effort to put into place, but no one said it was impossible and it is only my opinion on how I believe the server can become more enjoyable. Me saying this does not mean I dislike this server, flying around finding random places is what I look forward to on a daily basis and I have been on every day since I found it.

I hope you understand my point of view,



Hey Pter - thanks for taking the time to write this post. It’s great to see how much you appreciate our work, and how you’d like to see the server improve.

I completely agree with you that we could do more to add adventure elements to the server. However, the issue is one of resources. As a team, we are working on what is quite literally the largest active project in Minecraft. As such, every rank we have is aimed at building. 90% of the work we do is directly creating the map, and the other 10% is dealing with builder apps, project apps, and promoting the server - all so that we can get more people to build more and maintain our standard of quality.

Despite not having the largest community, this system has meant our rate of progress is pretty good. Adding adventure elements - as you admit yourself - would take a lot of time and effort, and I’m not convinced that the type of people who want an RPG-type experience are the same type of people that would want to join our build team. What this means is that even if we added these adventure elements with no extra work on our part, I don’t think it would increase the size of our build team very much, if at all. You’ve said yourself that you don’t want to build.

Furthermore, this idea would require development time that simply does not exist, as it is already a lot of work just to fix the bugs from the 1.12 update and work on the next version of the Conquest Reforged mod.

In short, our entire system is set up to build the map, and I don’t think we have the capability to add any adventure elements currently.

However, you can still help us as a guest. You can fly around and look for mistakes or bugs in older builds. You can promote the server on various sites. You can learn how to make videos on the server (such as cinematics, which could be posted on our channel). Hell, you could learn how to code and make/fork adventure plugins for Sponge that could be added to the server. It all comes down to your motivation and dedication.


Maybe in the far future we could do something with rpg

Whit all the autist on this server that would be quite the advanture :slight_smile: