Player name(s): Kemce

Player rank: Overseer

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Lossoth6

There is not much relevant lore for the lossoth people. I refer to the last lossoth village I have made and to the few discussions we have had on the subject.

Overhead plan:

Brown and Orange: Houses
Green: Shaman and settlement chief
White: Small road/path
Gray: Pasture/small fields every field is plowed for the season

So I enjoyed the last lossoth village I did, and therefore I have decided to do another one. I thought it would be cool to make a bigger settlement, and lossoth6 seems like the best location for it. By the sea and they have a pretty big forest near by. It’s also the most “central” village of the lossoths. The flat area makes good space for some pastures or whatever. They are more advanced by the reason they have more people to work. So the standard of their houses will still be quite bad, but a little better than Vilges-Bakti.

Most will be fishers and hunter, but also some other professions.

In-game guide:

Low class:

  • Very similar to Vilges-Bakti, but they use thatch instead of dirt.
  • Open fireplace in the middle.

Middle class:

  • Again very similar to Vilges-Bakti, they use thatch instead of grass.
  • The houses will also be a bit bigger than Vilges-Bakti.
  • Fireplace made out of stone, with a chimney.

Terrain: Not much, gonna place some trees around and make it look nice.

Reference Imagery:
Referring to Vilges-Bakti.


one or two of these on the beach from hunting?


This looks great to me.

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Go for it!

edit: the steep cliff nearby could use some terrain work - you could add lots of seagulls nesting on the cliffs too


This project is now open. ./warp lossoth6


Thought I would have a look for names for these Lossoth villages. Here are a few words which I thought could be used and combined together to make some cool names for all of the villages. All of these are Sami words from an online dictionary (when there are two options its because the website gave me several):

Vuonaš - small fjord
Vuotna - fjord
Tievvaa - hill
Biegga - wind
Mearra - Sea
Cháhppat or Cháhppes - Black
Joganjálbmi - Mouth of a River
Gáddi - Shore
Geaðgi - Stone
Jávri - Lake
ækkal - Lichen
Boazu - Reindeer
Badjeolmmoš - Reindeer Herder
Gilli, Girkogilli or Márkan - Village
Vearra - Fishing Village
Davvi - North

Possible Suggestions:
Lossoth 7: Biegga Tievvaa
Lossoth 8: Davvi Vuotna
Lossoth 2: Joganjálbmi
Lossoth 3 - Boazu Jávri


Brief comment. I’ve had a look around and there are some houses with roofs made of thatch that wouldn’t work because they’re way too flat. Please fix this - could have turf roofs instead.

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All done! Well done Kemce :smiley: