Player name(s): Ahorn and Oriol

Player rank: Builder+ and Overseer

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Lossoth3

Lore: There is very little lore about the Lossoth people other than a few brief descriptions that don’t really apply to the season we are building in;

“The Lossoth house in the snow, and it is said that they can run on the ice with bones on their feet, and have carts without wheels.”

As such, we have decided to take inspiration from arctic tribes like the Sami and Inuvalit.

Overhead plan:

Yellow = Paths
Blue = Huts
Magenta = Main Hut
Orange = Misc (storage, shitters, work/crafting areas)

Terrain: Nothing much other than polishing up the lake shore and a stream coming out of it.

Reference and Concept Imagery: https://imgur.com/a/oGmoI


Great application! Only one more overseer needs to accept.


Sorry, but this application has been rejected. Looks great! Good luck and have fun building.


Ye do it


After a grand total of 9h since this application was opened, building has been finished in the settlement we decided to call Varrejárvi, forest lake, according to the samish dictionary link by @Natanyagrad in the other thread.

There’s a total of 8 houses plus a meat and a firewood storage housing about 20-30 people. The villagers live off the forest and lake, netting fish in the lake, setting traps for rabbits and other small animals and hunting for bigger animals in the forest. During the summer they gather around the big fireplace, telling stories and stuff, since it’s too cold for that in the winter, they gather in the central hut instead. They also have regular rituals to appease to the forest ghosts, either in the central hut or their sacred larch coppice to the south.

Anyways, this is done. Fornad has to have a look around for postapproving and everyone else is also welcome to leave some feedback below.