Lossoth Builds Guidelines Questions

Existing Guidelines:

“Looks good. Although, I don’t think wheat would grow up here.” -Oriol, thread. So no wheat. Does this mean that there wouldn’t be hay either? Or could we assume that they use different types of plant materials for hay?

“DO NOT USE: Books/paper, Candles, Iron Tools/Stuff with iron, furnace, fancy interior stuff, chests, curtains.” -Lossoth 6 Guide.

“DO NOT USE!!!: barrel” -Lossoth 1 Guide.

The following list is cumulative, meaning that blocks will not be repeated as I list the Lossoth builds.

“you can’t have any blocks with metal either showing or required to make them. This includes the barrels you’ve got in your interior, crates, pretty much any complex furniture like drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, tables and planks.” -Oriol thread.

Lossoth 7 contains: Rope hooks, terracotta urns, tankards, chopped wood, hay, wheelbarrows, potatoes and carrots, table blocks, and a ladder. Which of these items, if any, would be unacceptable?

Lossoth 6 contains: Barrels, stools, nailed planks, kitchen table with tools blocks, shelves block, bread, cheese, certain clothes hanger variants with fancy clothing, iron hatchet, candle, and cupboards block with glass variant. Any of these unacceptable either?

It appears that much of what the Lossoth settlements already contain contradicts many of the guidelines. It seems that there needs to be some further clarification as to what can and cannot be used.

Lossoth 7 was only caught with these kind of blocks that you’ve listed halfway through its construction. Therefore to prevent Snowy having to re do the entire village some exceptions were made. This is also somewhat the same case with Lossoth 6 and Vilges Bakti which have metal blocks like you’ve said. After these projects had been finished/started, I spoke up and said that I feel like we should be aiming for more realism in terms of the metal as well as adding more similarities between native tundra tribes like the inuvialuit, etc. I’m not sure but I think the plan is to go through reducing these blocks as much as is feasibly possible in the future.

Terracotta urns, chopped wood, hay, potatoes, carrots, ladders and stools are all fine (unless @Benzathoth says otherwise).

All the other blocks in that quote shouldn’t be there imo at least.

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Ok, will be done soon.

I was trying to clarify this to Led in game but did not have specific. Also, the doors we currently have have iron hinches & like iron supports. I had also told Led that seemed odd to me. What about those?

Those doors will be replaced eventually with a bark door texture like what you see in some Native huts.