Lórien Village 9

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Player name(s): Neverlegendary

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public, after adding final touches to the wooled-out in-game layout

Location name: Lothlorien village 9 (/warp lv9)

Lore: N/A

Overhead plan:

Localization of the buldings and especially the size/localization of allotments is subject to change. However, only slightly.

Deadline: 1 month, however I must notify that I’m not avaiable on weekends, which might cause it do drag a few days

In-game guide: A reference dyemaker houses is already ready, I’ll additonally make a feast hall. Will add pics as it is ready.

Terrain: Slight modifications might be necessary, will see on the go

Reference Imagery: All previous lothlorien villages :slight_smile:


This project is now open to the public!