Lorien Village 8


Player name(s): Dreasp, Marchuell

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Lorien Village 8

Lore: No relevant lore other than the lore quoted in Fornad’s Lothlórien thread.

Overhead plan:

Deadline: latest end of October

In-game guide: There is an example House and a Guide with Blocks to use. Also Woollayout for a better imagine.

Terrain: Really beautyfull terrain for a village, so no big changes.

Reference Imagery: 43%20-%20Kopie
This Village is similar to LV6 but with an unique style. The Feeling should be warm, cosy and friendly when u enter it!


Because the western landscape would be damaged for the field, the eastern side will be done first. After that we must find a Compromise!


The application is accepted, you can fix the layout directly ingame whe you get to that. Have fun!
(I’d suggest to make a clearer layout of the huses with wool, so that builders will have a better idea of the shape once this is open to public)


Unless Dreasp or Marchuell object, I think this project is done! Great job guys.


The village looks awesome, very good job! :top: