Lórien Village 6

Player name(s): Kemce

Player rank: Overseer

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Village 6

Overhead plan:

  • The other ground houses will be farmers, hunters etc.
  • Brown = flets.
  • Other stuff will be added, like storage sheds, hand-driven mill, fruit trees etc.

Deadline: I want to lead some Rohan projects in the near future, so I will need to finish this first. Shouldn’t take too long. I would say something like 20th April.

In-game guide:

  • It is quite a small village, no super in-depth guide, rather a house pointing out key features.
  • And some general information about the project.

For the building itself, I’m using some more green color into it. The roof will have brown tiles or gray tiles, depending on where it is.

Terrain: Since this village will have a Coppicer, I will place down more birch trees in the area.



Looks good to me, still need another one of us to say yes though.

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Needs Forn to say yes really but it looks good to me. Although only 2 flets seems quite few.

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Majority of the flets where people lived in would have been in Caras Galadhon. I’d imagine he could add more flets but having most of the houses be on the ground would make more sense for this village, due to the chief profession it has (cutting birch trees). It’s simply more convenient to have their beds on the ground. The example village made sense to have so many flets due to how close it was to the border of the forest.


Looks pretty good, however i think you need to make better use of the space. The fields need to be larger, for one thing.

I’d put the village (including the flets) in the south-eastern portion, and use the rest for the fields and coppices.

Yeah, I will make sure the fields are at least the same size as village 1.

Alright, accepted! Just let me know when you’ve completed the wool plan in-game and I’ll come check it out.


Never and I both agree that your fields are currently too small compared to LV1.

There is one issue I am noticing with your village.
You have assigned elves to certain occupations, implying that only certain elves are working as carpenters, hunters etc. Which is totally opposite approach to the one, we have implemented in village 1.
Elves are old, all those years allowed them to master everything they wanted to. There is not really any assignment for any of them.
Our aim was to divide workshops from normal housing.
You should have added separated workshops, opened for general use. And for sleeping it should rather be flets and halls.


Oh, oops. I absolutely agree with this and I am aware. I guess I just thought that someone could live in the workshop, I will fix this later tonight.


@Neverlegendary Elves you cur

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All finished - well done @Kemce!