Lórien Village 5

Player name(s): GuiguiXs and Asawin_ (old leaders), Lindalher (new leader), MrBanana666 (new new leader)

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Lorien Village 5

Lore: No Lore about this village so we will follow the lines of the global project

Overhead plan:

  • It’s a really small village something like Lothlorien village 6 with about 20 elves who lives here.
  • Other stuff like sheds and hand mill will be added

In-game guide:

  • The most important point of the house will be the shape of the roof who look like a leaf floating, it’s really important. Mallorn wood on the top of the roof is also a important features
  • the house is entierely dedicated to workshop
  • We use a more lighter color palette than LV1.
  • We point other little key-features in the house and the flet ingame.

Terrain: Need a kind of water source because there is no stream in this place. It could be walk all the way to the Naith.

Deadline Something like end of April or begining May


The flets should not have two levels. I’d like them to be as simple as they are in LV1.

Also, make sure to have a long space for the ropemaker to work in!

Provided you agree with these two things, I’d be happy to accept this application, though I need @Neverlegendary to also accept it.


I would also suggest not using full, unstripped beech logs on the tops of normal house roofs. it looks kind of bad honestly, though that may be my personal opinion. The backside of the example house also needs some work to feel more organic. At the moment it looks like a flat cut off wall which doesn’t fit the organic roof shape you already established (perhaps a curved wall or just an open arch like the other side?). For roofs I’d also avoid having it just do a symmetrical sag, like it looks like in some of the pics. While in Harlond/Mithlond this is commonplace, the idea is to try and make it look more organic in Lorien to distinguish it from other elven cultures. Try to aim to make it almost ‘diagonally curved’ (see the curved roofs in both kem’s village & the example village, and the advice i told you ingame prior to making the app) is something to strive for. I like the increased size of the overhang as something to distinguish it, and this style definitely has some potential with some adjustments. Also I would suggest providing an alternate set of materials as well to the ones used in that house specifically, so people can vary up their houses and make the village a little less uniform in style. Just my two cents!


Your application looks quaint, those roofs especiall, however there are a few minor tweaks which I find necessary:

1# Pay attention to the details, while you are creating flets. After tweaking branches, fix them; keep the width, pay attention to the bottom of the flet as well. (just two examples above, there is a plenty in your tree)

2# I’m not so sure about adding so much podzol layers on top of the roof. There is a block called floating willow leaves, I would rather use them.

3# As wheelee suggested above, create some block options for the builders to choose from. Give them more freedom in this regard.

Fix that and I will be glad to accept your app.


The example house looks a lot better now, accepted.

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Please choose a deadline and add this to the first post:

Deadline: [I’d suggest that a date 30 days from your application’s acceptance is appropriate for all Lórien projects]

Lorien Village 5 is now open to public Have fun !!


Due to the deadline being a month ago, Guigui and Asawin are no longer leaders of this project. It is now on hold and leaderless until Lindalher can take over.


As it stands, there are 4 incomplete houses that may need minor fixes or entire interiors (you know who you are), and 2 that haven’t been started. Given these, plus all the other details, it may take up to three weeks to get this project finished what with my IRL work schedule. But as of today, Lothlorien Village 5 is officially re-opened!


MrBanana666 will finish in my absence


Allright, so since I cannot control my helpless tendency to suicide, I am doing a little revamp to the buildings, in order to improve the general look and reach a better standard. For this reason I will need some help with the interiors. There are two updated houses needing interior at the moment, but you can expect more of them to get ready very soon. (they are marked with blue wool). Vegetation and other details will come after houses are improved, but if some builderplus wants to help with that in the meantime, it would be awesome.
Cheers :roll_eyes:


No one has shown up yet to do the interiors or help with the farmland… PLEASE HELP. Other than that progress has been good and most of the southern part of the village is done; the fields still need a lot of love tho. I hope to get this done within 10 days, cause at some point in the end of july I will be out for more than a month, if not even more.


Thank you very much to all of you who in the last two months eased my self imposed pain doing some minor work here and there. @HermannKm and @Asawin, I have to say that the layout you did is very nice and I think this place ended up having some of the best views in the forest so far (forgive me for redoing all of the buildings). Anyways, I’m very happy to see this done, now please throw this thread in the project archive, don’t want to see it anymore. :sweat_smile:
On to the rest of the forest :soon:

(Since my PC doesn’t allow me to use shaders, if someone good with screenshots could take some nice pictures of this place, would be very very appreciated)