Lórien Village 4

Player name(s): Snowy30

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Public

Location name: /warp Lv4

Lore: No relevant lore other than the lore quoted in Fornad’s Lothlórien thread.

Overhead plan:

The professions will be farmer, weaver, hunter and forager

Reference Imagery:

I will change the stone floor into dirt.

Living house

Deadline: I hope to have it finished by the end of the month.

In-game guide: There is an example house and a block palette.

Terrain: /


Have fun! :wink:

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The overhead layout looks slightly unprecise and sloppy to me. But it can be adjusted as you go, I’ll give you that. :wink:

All in all, let’s see it in game. Good luck!

EDIT: agreed with the point, that the village is smaller, therefore the fields don’t have to be this big. Pardon.

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Since the whole village was scaled down, it would make sense to have smaller fields as well.

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I’d just do less fields then, not smaller ones.

Since the villages are supposed to be almost self sufficient, I think that a two years rotation of the fields would reduce a lot the variability of food.


Yeah just have the fields half the size of the normal ones.

Accepted for now - once you’ve laid it all out in-game, can you let us know on the Lorien chat? We can review it then.


Those are some beautiful elven houses under reference imagery. Hits the nail on the head in terms of how lorien houses should look imo


Fantastic job @Snowy30! One village left until Caras!