Lorien Village 2

Player name(s): MrBanana, Snowy

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Public

Overhead plan:

Reference Imagery: 56

In-game guide: this will be done directly ingame.

I hope to have it ready to be opened to public within a couple of days.


Go for it

accepted. Really nice concept as well. @Marchuell, it would be nice if you could try to shape your buildings in a more similar way to this for village 8.

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The village is OPEN to public, or at least part of it: there are 3 layed out houses ready to be done (farmer, forager and kitchen) but others will be ready in the following days. There’s not a real ingame guide, but the completed houses by snowy and me provide enough inspiration and guidance. To make things easy, the wool layout of the houses replicates on a rough grade the roof shapes of the example houses with a different dispsition and properly combined, so that if you don’t feel too confident with the style you can just copy them out, otherwise you can experiment a bit, but of please keep the overall shape. Last but not least: there’s not a strict block palette, but please try not to go too far with it and again try to follow the one of the example houses.
Happy building :grin: (/warp lv2)


We are on it :wink:

This took a bit longer than expected, but I’m very happy to say that the vilage is complete; I enjoyed doing this! Thank you @Snowy30 for all of your effort and your skills, you have been a great coworker; a special thank goes also to @LucPoppel for testing himself with his first Lorien house and to @Fornad for doing some naturework around the village.

I invite averyone to come and give a look around in the immersive atmosphere of this settlement. Let you have walk on the winding paths, passing thru the colourful glades and fields and rest in one of the many social spaces beneath the trees wondering about life. :wink:


Awesome work.