Lindon finishing touches

Player name(s): Eaglz24 (old leader), Lindalher, Snowy24 (current leaders)

Player rank: [+]Builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Lindon finishing touches

Lore: There aren’t any specific comments about anything that applies to this project.

Overhead plan:


  • Terrain features along the coasts such as sea outcrops, arches, streams, pools, animal nests/colony’s etc.
  • Mansions and ruins marked on the map
  • Fixing all the roofs in Mithlond and Harlond, as well as farm houses/mansions, to use the vertical slabs and corner blocks.
  • Streams, my favorite
  • Fixing up roads, detailing

I’ll be working on each of these one at a time, finishing them individually.

Concepts Some basic examples of a few of the terrain features

Reference Imagery:

Feel free to leave some suggestions below.


Go for it, you absolute madman


Yeah, sounds like a really beneficial project for the server. One thing that i’d say is to bear in mind that the kind of features you have got in the inspiration / concepts are quite rare (hence why they are famous / all over google images) so go easy on how many you make especially with stuff like streams going under tunnels and large sea arches. Also, I reccomend checking out the landscape inspiration thread for more ideas.


I would honestly try and avoid any tunnel streams in any area that isn’t limestone (so the majority of Lindon). It doesn’t really make sense much of anywhere unless you have evidence of caves/sinkholes and/or karst formations, which there isn’t really any suitable place for that due to how the rock is layered. Idk I’m not a geologist but thats just my view on the thing.

What about updating mithlond with the New paintings and blocks from after the merge?

this staircase on the noldor tower looks a bit dodgy in its construction from the underside @Ytsen

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You’re right, I’ll fix it when I get online.Or if anyone else wants to, feel free.

Wait wait wait. I have some problems with what you are doing in Harlond. Should have asked me, changing the roofs from blocks and slabs to vertical slabs has some big effects that changes what I have done in the whole city. I will make an illustration of how to make it right. For those who built a house in Harlond knows that I was really picky and I used extremely many hours on that project. So I cannot let it turn to something I don’t like.

I need to illustrate this.
First, Harlonds roof shape is very different from mithlond. When using vertical slabs the same way we do for mithlond it won’t work.

It really breaks the feel it had.

As you can see with this house you have done, the harlond roof shape is totally gone.

Another problem.

When adding vertical slabs and stairs on the entire roof it becomes flat. The harlond houses were definitely not flat.

Every house had a smooth curve with uses of slabs. And to me, that is a very important feature of the houses.

You can’t get the same smooth look with vertical slabs.

Here is my suggestion:

Fix the roofs only on the edges with vertical stairs and stairs. That should be enough.

I’m sorry to bring this up now, but I didn’t know that someone would edit Harlond. The towers are fine btw.



If anyone wants to assist/colead or take over the project pm me



@Lindalher will be taking over this project when his Fangorn trees are done.


@Snowy30 will be my co-leader. We’ll be open to more outside help, but please PM either or both of us first.


Sorry I haven’t been on much lately, schoolwork has gotten a lot more overwhelming in the past few weeks. All that’s left of my project is the Noldor Mansion and a few fixes in Ravanima. If I have an extra builder or two this Saturday, I’m sure we can get it finished. Please pm me on Discord if you’re interested.


Alright, after much toil and angst, @Snowy30 and I have finally finished!


Well everyone, about two and a half years after it was started, Lindon is finally complete. Three incredible cities (including the largest ever built in Conquest), fourteen other settlements (depending on how you count them), and a vast area of detailed forests, plains, coastline and islands - we should all be very proud of this achievement.

Special thanks to Lind and Snowy who pursued this project to the end after everyone was already thoroughly burnt out on it - it takes real dedication and passion to do that.

To everyone who led and built in Lindon projects, I commend you all for a fantastic final product. There are very few servers who can boast an area as impressive, and for us it’s just a part of our map!