Lindon D - Tower Hills

This is the application for Open Wilderness Projects: Lindon D - Tower Hills by angus822771(Builder) & VVinter(Builder)

Now that Angus and i have finished the basic vegetation on the tower hills section we would like to request the assitance of a builder+ to allow us to paste in trees and to fill in the streams with water. If anyone is willing to help us with this, just give us a shout.

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I’m available tomorrow maybe, but certainly on tuesday.

What’s the status of this project?

I believe VVin has been trying to wait until Angus gets on however this doesn’t seem to be a thing that’s going to happen soon.

@VVinter, best to just finish this yourself I think

Alright, I will try to finish Celhant first this week. After that I will continue on the tower hills.


Complete! Well done to @VVinter