Hi All,

While a post like this would normally go in the ‘Going Away Thread’, I will be leaving for an unknown period of time longer than a few days or even months.
My decision for temporarily leaving ArdaCraft is mainly because at this point in my life I’m trying to do a lot of things at the same time, whether it be clubs, sports, academics, and looking for colleges
And while I do manage to find time to build on AC, I feel like not only is that time primarily restricted to the weekends, I feel like I’m cheating myself and the ArdaCraft community by committing to large projects such as the Angle and making relatively slow progress. Which is why I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion to distance myself from the ArdaCraft community for a unknown time until I am personally satisfied with the position I am in IRL, as much as I love ArdaCraft I want to primarily focus my free time on improving myself (such as getting straight A’s and developing myself as an athlete). While I will eventually return, the time it will take me to come back to is solely dependent on how fast I reach my goals and have the free time to commit myself to the community again
In order to reach my goals in the fastest way possible, I am eliminating all distractions from my life even outside of ArdaCraft, like certain YouTube channels and Instagram pages, I will also be deleting the Discord app and uninstalling Minecraft in a few days so I am not tempted to get back on
I hope that you all do not take this in any way as an attack against the ArdaCraft community as that is not my intention whatsoever, and I feel guilty for not being able to finish the Angle before my departure, however I wasn’t aware how little time I would have when I made the application
As stated before, I promise that I will return, and hopefully with a lot of inspiration! Until then I wish the ArdaCraft community the best of luck with the next few map sections and future endeavors. :slight_smile:


{TLDR} Leaving AC for a while to progress IRL.


You will be missed Glar, good luck lad, I hope you manage to get the grades you want!