Java App Quits When Joining Server


I recently re-downloaded the modpack for the 1.19.2 version onto my mac os desktop computer. Everything seems to be working fine, except that when I go to join the server, I get the loading screen for a few seconds, then the “loading world” message changes to “saving word” with the standard Minecraft dirt background, and the application quits. There are no error messages or crash reports. The java crafting table icon in my hotbar changes to a second AT Launcher icon, and when clicked pulls up the AT Launcher window. I have Java 8 installed. My maximum RAM is 8,000+, as instructed in the guide video. I did have some trouble getting AT Launcher installed, as I was asked to allow it to access “System Events”, accidentally clicked “don’t allow”, and had to go back and allow it through System Preferences.

I hope this is enough information, and thank you for your help!

Hey - firstly it’s best to use our Discord support channel as these forums aren’t regularly used anymore.

I would suggest using the Prism launcher to install our modpack and try again.