IRL Pictures


i thought it would be a good idea if every one would tell something about themself and post a picture of themself here (if u are comfortable showing urself) so we know each other a little more if u think this is the baddest idea ever tell me then i remove the topic


I’ll make the first gesture with a picture of me from an extremely drunk night in Sofia, Bulgaria last summer. For some reason we decided it would be a good idea to dress up like ancient Greeks with bedsheets and managed to get our hands on an amphora full of wine

pls no bully


Cosplay pics from last June.




instead of cutting your beard you shout cut your wrists


previous comment seems to have killed this thread, so I’ll try and revive it


You should grow a beard.


Literally the only picture I have of myself is me when I was 13 making a weird face with a Russian
hat on.


Photo of me skiing last week. Even managed to get some landscape inspiration in there


Ok. Don’t juge me…



Getting some inspiration for the Misties



Me when I still had long hair.


Me just over a week ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me yesterday when shooting for a TV-show.
(please don’t spread the pic. Production wouldn’t like it xD)


Then why post it at all on an open, public forum?


Not spread it further as in send it to news corporations etc.



nicely spotted :wink:


Jan de lichte?