How do i get my plot approved?

I really want to know how i get my plot approved so that i can start on another one?

/plot reset
/plot reset true
Restart on the same plot. Make sure you do the command on your plot. This will reset your plot, so make sure that you want to restart.

The idea with plots is they are an area for Guests to work on their Builder app, for that purpose you should have enough room in a single plot. We aren’t a plots server so you shouldn’t be claiming multiple plots anyways. That being said, I think Builders have perms to claim multiple plots. As well as access to a flatworld Freebuild.


ahh hell no i will not reset my plot have you seen it?

Overseers can approve them, I’ve done it where the old plot was fully filled and didn’t look like a total mess.

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I guess overseers have a new task these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I can’t seem to find any plots under your name, is your minecraft username really correct?

If your plot is that good, then just apply for Builder.

i changed it bout 2 days ago. Check makan01 instead :smile: