Village 1 will finally be open on Saturday June 30th when the build day starts.

Some things to note:

  • There will be houses to do, those houses will be very similarly built to houses in the old ford. Use that for examples!!! No house should be too small
  • Second, on the build day if people could help with the coppiced trees, it would be helpful to further the Beorning project. Concerning coppiced trees, Orrange did leave the plan and concepts up, which I think are quite good. The gist of it is that there are 5 different colored wool categorizing the age of the trees.

    Also, every section of the “farm” has colored 3x3 squares indicating the ratio of ages. For example, if 8/9 blocks are yellow and 1/9 is red, then you know that the ratio of trees should be 8/9 fully cut and 1/9 1 year growth. The concepts are scattered along the sky above the plan, labeled with wool markers.
  • Final note, is that there is going to be a brewery/tavern(circled in blue), and a saw mill (circled in red) and the two big yellow wool circles indicate a clearing in the forest. The one to the east will be for lumber and the one to the west will be for carts, and unloading/loading and workers and what not.

Anyways, @Beathaven will be taking over the build day after I leave for work that day, and I will let him know with as much as I can. Other than the houses that are labeled, and the coppiced trees, the build day will consist of cleaning up some farms, finishing some unfinished houses, and overall making the area acceptable. Hope to see everyone there!


Holtwic is finished, after an incredibly productive build-day and lots of help. Thank you everyone who pitched in! That’s now officially every village completed. There are still minor fixes throughout the Beorning area which could still use a lot of help.