Out of the frying pan into the fire

Player name(s): Snowy30 (current leader), Eaglz24 (old leader)

Player rank: [+]Builder

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Village 4

Overhead plan:

The basic idea of it is to have the village act more crammed together, this is because of the multiple homesteads surrounding it in an effort to help divide it and feel less mushed together. Not going to add a key or anything seeing as you all know what the buildings are at this point.

In the center of the village is the manor where the lord or whatever lives, maybe a stable or something inside it as well possibly a profession. It’s surrounded by a fence and a small ditch.

The allotments will be mixed between gardens and livestock depending on how in turns out in-game, and since everything always turns out differently in-game I’m going to avoid adding shelters for livestock and what not in the plan.

In-game guide: No guide but the houses will follow the style of the homesteads surrounding it (just the Westfold style in general I guess).


Most likely will tinker with some minor placements when I get round to it in-game. If anyone has some suggestions on stuff I forgot or would like to see feel free, won’t be adding them into the overhead plan but i’ll keep them in mind for the IG layout.

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Looks great. just try to avoid cramming too many walls together in the allotments and use mud tudor sparingly :wink: Accepted from me


I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while. Mud Tudor actually makes more sense further away from the mountains than closer to them. Closer to them tudor would still be a thing, but they’d have lime-pits close to the mountains/in the woods and use said lime to whitewash the walls, making the tudor not brown/muddy, but white and more hardy against rain/the elements. Obviously lime wouldn’t be available for everyone (especially the small farming homesteads in the mudstone flats to the north), but I’d still say the larger homesteads and villages in the Deeping Comb ought to use more white tudor/white plaster than that of the northern plains as a result. It would also make the area more unique and representative of the geology of the location.


Maybe add a water mill by the stream to the west? Or do not. I let you decide on that.

I think the stream is a bit too small for a water mill to look right, unless you mean further down the stream where it gets slightly wider.

Is there a place where the stream goes down a block? If so you could make a small dam to build up water for the mill.

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IMO would need at least a two block drop for a dam to look good. And the drops are too far in between for that in the area.


The village is open for the public, feel free to claim a house with a sign whenever you’re free. Keep in mind the signs that I’ve left regarding animals/shelters and regular storage shacks, if your house has a profession make sure to include that into your yard (all professions should be outside, you can partly make them inside as well but not as much).

Happy building


Would be good if you make an ingame guide with style pointers and a material palette/list if you want this project public and to go well.

Also these houses need a connection to the road. Not sure through two backyards is a good way to do it


I think a watermill is definitely needed given all the crop fields around the place. The river is 3 wide so as long as you’re careful with the design it’s definitely possible.

Before you get too far into it, we are not using cupboards or wardrobes etc for interiors, in Westfold.

@Snowy30 will take this over once he’s done with his homestead. Until then this is on hold.

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With Homestead 11 complete, @Snowy30 is now free to take over this village. Therefore Helmham is opened again. Best of luck!


I think there are enough examples from houses by @LucPoppel @Thrifkgar and me, so I will open Helmham to public. Feel free to build, but I wont be able to approve any builds during the next two weeks, because I’m not at home.


Very pleased to call this done. Absolutely amazing job by @Snowy30 and everyone else who contributed. This is a truly worthy village to stand before the Hornburg!