(sorry if im spamming or something i just dont know what to do) i have just downloaded my minecraft again after a long time just to play ardacraft which i just discovered.
i downgraded my minecraft to the version 1.10.2 so it can work i also downloaded ardacraft launcher and launched all 4 options but when i was logging in to the server it said an error of FML:forge so i downloaded the forge for 1.10.2 from the internet and it didnt say that error again also now it has another error which i dont know what to do it says Mod Rejections [FMLMod:conquest{0.0.1}]
https://prnt.sc/famc4z this is the menu
http://prntscr.com/famcoa and this is the error
take in consideration guys that i dont know a lot about how minecraft works i hope someone will help me thank you for ur time <3

You posted this in the wrong section of the forums again, so I’ve had to move it here. As dags told you, please start a new support thread and fill in as much information in the template as possible. Go here and press ‘new topic’: https://forums.ardacraft.me/c/support

We will not help you until you properly fill out the template.