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PLANTS/NATURE GUIDE & DATABASE - see tabs at the bottom



Dwarven mine checklist

Arnor ruins guide: /warp ArnorGuide

Rohan houses guide

Any projects in this list are open for application by anyone with the Builder, Builder+, or Overseer rank.

Open Projects:

Folde projects

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Updated! Thorin’s Halls and Nogrod now open


hooray, hope theyre open tommorow still, i dont have time to apply


One does not make an application for either Nogrod, or Thorin’s Halls within a day lol, this will require a lot of effort.



but ive seen how fast some others do it

i was just getting across the point that i hope i can do it first


It’s not a race. Generally if it’s known that multiple people are interested in the same project then we wait until all who are interested submit an app before we approve any. Then the best application gets the project.


glad to hear it :smiley:


Updated - added @Soap887’s new dwarven mine checklist.


Maybe add a progress sheet for every mine underneath what you have showing whats been done and what still needs to be complete? Instead of showing what needs to be in there and what doesn’t as well? @Soap887


Shouldn’t that be up to the project leaders?
Soap made one for Bizar-Filatin.


I had already considered doing that, and I already have templates for the currently approved northern settlements, all based on the existing one for Bizar-Filatin, but they need expanding. I could do them myself, but considering that the project leaders likely know more about their projects than I do (and that it’s their projects and thus their right), it’s really up to them.

I’ll just drop the templates here. If @blocks119, @Kizaura, @creepyboy666 and @Aptipild express a wish to edit them, then I’ll add them:
Mine A
Mine B
Mine C

EDIT: Didn’t realise I hadn’t put link sharing on. Fixed that now.


I’ve set warps to MineD and MineE. MineE will be abandoned, so ignore the road to it - the road will be removed when the project is started.


Given interest shown by some players, I’ve opened up Noldor settlements in Forlindon for application. Keep in mind almost all of them will be ruined.

If you’re interested in leading one of these settlements, please contact me first.


Updated! A few new projects up for grabs.


Is Belegost even worth having it’s own project thread? Nogrod didn’t have one either.


Updated with new Arnor projects. I’ll leave Fornost closed for now.


Opened quite a few small Arnorian projects.


Updated again with more Arnor forts