Greyflood Fort 6

Player name: Skoliver

Lore: see Greyflood/Gwathlo Fort and Town ruins thread.

Overhead plan:

Please let me know if there is anything I should change

Reference: Other Greyflood forts already completed and Arnor ruins guide


Not approved. Per the lore of the overall project thread, this fort was originally built by the Numenoreans, then later modified and utilized further by the Arnorians. Please see GFFort2 or GFFort4 for completed examples of this style. I will, however, list you as the claimant of this fort.


I have edited the fort to fit the GFfort 4 and GFfort2 style with the central tower and the outer wall being circular with a later added square tower on the outer wall under Arnorian use


Maybe give a bit more space between the main tower and the outer wall, but otherwise approved. Go ahead with this one.


Your layout looks fairly small compared to the other Numenorean forts in the region… Maybe you should scale it up a bit. And plan the thickness of your walls in advance because at the moment it looks like the passageway and the interiors are going to be very narrow.


I think I’m done with the fort. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change.

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I will review it in a few hours and let you know if any changes need to be made. Thanks for your rapid progress on it.

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Remove the spikier stones on the outer curtain wall. Collapse the outer gate.

I have collapsed the outer gate and removed that spikier parts of the wall on the fort


After some minor additional edits by me, approved and ready to be marked as completed.

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