Greyflood Fort 5

Player name: Gondhir

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Private
Location name: Fort 5

Lore: Greyflood/Gwathló Fort and Town Ruins Thread. Cardolan fort relatively recently destroyed/abandoned due to it’s location close to the road to Tharbad. If it’s alright I might add a hideout for 1 or 2 bandits, who would harass and attack travellers along the Old South Road.

Overhead plan:


  • Not built by the Númenoreans
  • Arnor ruins guide
  • Other Greyflood Forts

I’d say take away the bandits. This is a rarely-traveled section of the Greenway, so they probably wouldn’t have much business there.

Aside from that, approved.


Agreed i suggested adding camp to my fort to darth and he said no one really lives in the area neither do any or not many people travel trough it. So there is no reason for the bandits to be in the fort or the area.

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